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MET POR S.A.  filtration engineering

since 1959

MET-POR S.A. was set up by Mrs. Giancarlo, Alfredo and Giovanni Gregorio de Domini, in 1959. Devoted to the manufacturing and sales of industrial filters and filter elements, was the first one on this business in the Argentine and Latin American markets, producing during those days the first sintered metal filtration elements (from where comes our institutional name "porous metals") world spread nowadays in pneumatic lines.

Today, more than forty years after, MET POR has supplied equipments to the main projects in South America like the biggest clarification station for the main gold and silver recovery cyanide leach project in Argentina, with more than 6500 sqft of filtration area ( Cerro Vanguardia Project); enlargement of the refineries Landulpho Alves and Paulinhas ( Petrobrás - Brazil); enlargement of sugar refineries (Glucovil - Ledesma, Manuelita, Risaralda and San Carlos - Colombia); natural gas compresion plants NEUBA-II - Argentina; etc.

Among the standard line of manufacturing MET POR can supply your company with: absolute filtration cartridges, automatic self-cleaning filters, strainers, candle filters, "Y" and temporary filters, precoat filters for clarification and bleaching, filters for the petroleum and gas industry including secondary recover in oil wells, filters and filter elements for compressed air lines, hydraulic lines, filtration of inks and paints, resins, beverages and pharmaceutical.

We are proud to say that MET-POR has been loyal to its ideals, constantly acquiring technology; surely the most difficult way, but conscious that sudden changes in modern companies required sudden changes in their suppliers that satisfy their necessities; for that reason, nowadays MET-POR manufactures almost 90% of all its products and has the necessary means to be the supplier with the shortest delivery in the Latin American market.

MET-POR S.A. license of SPARKLER FILTERS INC. (Conroe, TX) for all South America with technological agreements with the main companies in the filtration business world.

This product quality plus a price excellence let us be the number one argentine filter exporters.


The fact of being the first Argentine company of setting up a manufacturing plant in BRAZIL, plus our net of associated companies in CHILE, PARAGUAY, PERU, ECUADOR, URUGUAY and COLOMBIA makes our future something extremely promising; something... that we must thank our founders and our value customers.

Our promise to all of them is that we will continue with our effort to develop new solutions for the new necessities we'll be have to face.

METPOR S.A. actively participates in the principal local and international shows

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Florencio Varela 155/55/75 - (1603) Villa Martelli - Buenos Aires

Phones (54-11) 4709-4070 / 4353 / 2120 / 2124 / 1325 / 4866 - Fax: (54-11) 4709-7873
e-mail: ventasmail@metpor.com.ar


e-mail: metpor@metpor.com


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