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Wounded elements 

String wounded elements for continuous flow are constituted of diagonal windings of selected fibers around a central core. The result is hundred of tapered channels. Each layer of fibers is fixed in position by the following what makes a firm interlocking weave.
Big particles are retained in the outer surface of the filter while the smaller ones are trapped near the central core.
The irregular outer shape helps prevent abrupt blinding providing longer filter life.

Phenolic resin impregnated cartridges assures stability with high viscosity fluids.

Filter media and dimensions
For the manufacturing of the string wounded elements we can use diferebínt types of fibers in accordance to the nature of the fluid to be filter and its temperature.
Fibers available in: Cotton, polypropylene, glass and rayon
The different micron ratings available are: 0,5Ám; 1Ám; 3Ám; 5Ám; 10Ám; 20Ám; 30Ám; 40Ám; 50Ám; 75Ám and 100Ám.
The maximum recommended temperature depends on the type of fibre:
Polypropylene 90 ░C, Cotton 120 ░C, Glass fiber 400 ░C, Rayon 120 ░C.
As in other filter element lines the cartridges heights available are universal:  5ö (127 mm); 10" (254 mm); 20" (508 mm); 30" (762 mm) y 40" (1016 mm) with different options on the ends to fit most of the housings of different manufacturers.

Wounded elements
Wounded cartridges

METPOR filter with cartridges
 MET POR filter housing with wounded  cartridges


These filter elements may be manufactured with different type of adapters to fit in your housing. Some of most common are:



POLYPROPYLENE organic acids, animal and vegetable oils, strong alkalis, water, petroleum oils, organic solvents, oxidizing agents.
COTTON animal and vegetable oils, petroleum oils, diluted acids, water, organic solvents, diluted alkalis, potables.
RAYON mineral oils, organic acids,water, animal and vegetable oils, organic solvents, diluted alkalies.
GLASS FIBER mineral acids, oxidizing agents, animal and vegetable oils, organic acids,  organic solvents, mineral acids.