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Self-cleaning Filters

METPOR commercialize manual and automatic self-cleaninig filters in plastic, carbon steel and stainless steel AISI 304/316/316L.

For all low temperature purpose from 3/4" to 3"  connection. Filtration range from 3500 to 22 microns.
Corrosion resistant: vessels manufactured of high tensile steel, lined with nylon or polyester.
Filtration range from 3500 to 10 microns.
A revolutionary solution for the on-stream elimination of particles: they are sucked by a revolving scanner that covers the whole filtration surface.
Automatic flushing of filter: solids discharge by means of an solenoid valve commanded by an electronic timer.
For filters from 4" to 14"  nylon brushes are installed inside the basket strainer to remove particles.


Self-cleaning: when a pre-set differential pressure is reached.
Uninterrupted fluid: during the cleaning cycle of the filter.
Modular design: for high flow rates using branches of small filters together around a manifold.

Flexibility in the control system: Flushing with pressure drop and or time. Alarm signal, flushing counters, etc.
Wide range of applications: cooling towers, process water, effluents. Industries: steel work, petrochemicals, food, irrigation, etc.

 For flow rates up to 350 gpm per unit.
Three operating methods: electric, hydraulic or hydraulic with electronic control. Includes 2"-6" in-line filters and 4",6" modular filter units especially designed for manifolding.
Cleaning mechanism consists of a suction scanner that revolves inside the screen cylinder. Its hollow wings suck in the dirt from the screen surface in a slow controlled movement.
For flow rates up to 1760 gpm per unit. Electrically operated in-line filter.
Cleaning mechanism consists of a suction scanner that sucks in the filter cake from the inner surface of the screen in a spiral movement.
For flow rates up to 4400 gpm per unit.
Two cleaning methods available: suction scanner for fine filtration or stainless steel brush for coarse filtration.
For flow rates up to 3100 gpm per unit.
Compact design for restricted space installation: in-line  construction. Suitable for high dirt load filtration requirements and heavy duty conditions.
Cleaning mechanism consists of three stainless steel brushes revolving inside the screen cylinder.
Consists of different filtration columns that are automatically counter-flow clean and in a sequence.
For flow rates up to 4400 gpm.
Minimum operational cost, since a monitoring of the pressure drop is done by a PLC that governs the cleaning cycle automatically.

FAE/FAH Filter
FAC Filter
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